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Carl Zeiss Victory 8x56 RF

Kikkert med avstandsmåler

Pris: 23140
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 dagers leveringstid
Carl Zeiss Victory Rangefinder er en ekstra lyssterk og fullverdig kvalitetskikkert som i tillegg har laseravstandsmåler og Ballistic Information System (BIS) for jaktformål. Gummiarmerte kikkerter med nitrogenfylling og Lotutec vannavstøtende coating.
Carl Zeiss Victory 8x56 RF
Forlag/produsentCarl Zeiss
Vekt i gram1150 inkl batterier
Lengde x høyde194x139
Synsfelt v/ 1000m115m
Nærgrenseca 5m
VanntettJa, vann og duggtett med nitrogenfylt
Øye relief17mm
ArmeringRobust gummiarmering

Leveres med batteri, corduraveske, bred bærereim og objektiv- og okulardeksler.

Produsentens pressemelding

Ideal for Low-Light Conditions, Powerful and Flexible

The new RF 56 combines high-performance optics, a rangefinder and ballistic compensation in one unique product

Victory 8x56 T* RF and Victory 10x56 T* RF for bright images deep into the night added to the innovative and successful Victory RF line

Binoculars with a 56-millimeter diameter lens have become standard equipment for sit-and-wait hunters in central Europe.
The powerful Victory 8x56 T* RF and Victory 10x56 T* RF binoculars from Carl Zeiss are the first low-light binoculars in the 56 millimeter class to feature an integrated laser rangefinder and the BIS™ ballistic information system. These high-performance binoculars are world innovations with high additional benefit for hunters and a unique service offering. They are not only ideal for sitting and waiting boar and foxes at night, but also for sitting and stalking game during the day. Corresponding to the standard, compact 8x56 and 10x56 optics in weight and dimension, these two new models are equipped with the latest electronics and can be used deep into the night: For a precise shot at mid to long range, knowledge of the distance to the target is vital for hunters. Particularly in unfamiliar areas, on the hunt in open terrain and in the mountains, hunters no longer rely on their estimates. The state-of-the-art laser technology on the Victory 8x56 T* RF and the 10x56 T* RF enables hunters to exactly determine range, aim precisely at the target and ascertain the holdover (aim x cm higher or lower) during the day and in the twilight. The rangefinder and BIS® ballistic information system lay the foundation for an accurate, expert shot while preventing “unexplainable misses” (by shooting low) at short distances. The new lenses with a 56 millimeter diameter on the RF 56 make it an ideal companion for sitting game deep into the night: Even in the dark, the innovative high-performance optics deliver bright, high-contrast images that will amaze everyone.

The new Victory 8x56 T* RF and Victory 10x56 T* RF binoculars from Carl Zeiss meet all the requirements for daytime and twilight use. This provides a completely new and unique visual experience in this class for observation, precise rangefinding and exact determination of holdover. This is unique and establishes a new standard. With these products, and the particularly successful combination of traditional optics with state-of-the-art electronics, Carl Zeiss has set a new milestone in hunting optics.

The new Victory RF models feature leading-edge optical performance: four-element, achromatic, 56 millimeter lenses containing fluoride guarantee a particularly crisp, high-contrast image. Abbe-König prisms and specially matched coatings deliver a high degree of light transmission and provide superior light reserves in the twilight and when sitting game at night: this enables precise targeting even in the last light of the day.
As with the 45 RF models, transmission optics have been integrated into the binoculars. The result impresses with its appealing and attractive design, as well as its outstanding ergonomic features.

Digital laser rangefinding
The Victory RF models are equipped with high-performance lasers and state-of-the-art electronics. They guarantee extremely fast rangefinding for distances from 10-1200 meters (10-1300 yards): the measuring duration of the invisible class 1 laser is less than one second at all distances. The measuring result is injected via a four-digit, self-illuminating LED display with automatic brightness control that can be easily read under all lighting conditions. Hunters turn on the electronics by pressing and holding the measuring button. The target mark is then visible in the image. When the button is released, the measurement is made immediately (one-touch principle). This eliminates incorrect measurements caused by delays and unintentional “shaking” of the binoculars – and with it, the laser beam. This prevents hunters from mistakenly aiming at an object behind the target which is the most common reason for incorrect measurements and unexplained misses. Pressing the button once also reduces the actual measuring time considerably. The range of functions is completed with a scan mode for measuring smaller and moving targets and an integrated electronic switch to toggle between meters and yards.

The ballistic information system
The BIS® ballistic information system on the Victory RF models from Carl Zeiss marks the first time that a ballistic calculator has been integrated into high-performance binoculars anywhere in the world. Hunting success requires not only knowledge of the exact distance to game, but also knowledge of the flight path of the caliber used and the required correction of the point of impact (holdover): in other words, how many centimeters or inches a hunter must aim above or below the target depending on the range to hit the target accurately. The integrate BIS® system continually provides users with exact information. The correct holdover is shown in the display immediately after the distance information depending on the selected ballistic curve and the measured distance. For example, if H10 is displayed, it means that the hunter must aim 10 centimeters higher in this situation.

Hunters who shoot their preferred weapon at varying distances (from approx. 30 meters from the bait to far more than 200 meters in the mountains) have a double benefit from this convenient system: the holdover information in the display just a few seconds after the range is shown provides added security and strengthens trust in the shot.

Before these flexible binoculars are used for the first time, the hunter must choose the appropriate ballistic curve from the six stored in the Victory 8x56 T* RF or 10x56 T* RF. This curve is determined using the ballistic tables for the ammunition used or by testing the point of impact of the weapon and ammunition at 300 meters. At, there is an extremely convenient program to find your own cartridge from more than 1800 different types and to then determine the “right” ballistic curve. Entering the curve (e.g. EU 1) is only required once unless the hunter alternates between several weapons, calibers or grains with different ballistic data. The six stored ballistic curves cover the flight paths of the most common calibers. The selection is extremely practical. The weapon can be used either with zeroing at 100 m or with the optimal zeroing range. For US models, hunter can choose between zeroing at 100 or 200 yards. The ballistic calculator automatically takes different zeroing ranges into account. This unique decoupling of ballistic curves and zero range was developed in close cooperation with experienced users and guarantees hunters the greatest possible flexibility.

Mechanical components
The new binocular models feature a robust, lightweight magnesium housing and rubber armoring that protects against jolts and shocks. The large focusing wheel, the button for rangefinding and the set button for the BIS® ballistic information system have been positioned for optimum ergonomic convenience. The eyecups can be locked in four positions and can be easily removed for cleaning.

LotuTec® lens coating
The Victory RF models feature the innovative LotuTec® coating which protects the eyepiece and objective lenses like a lotus flower. It allows water to simply bead off the lens without residue and enables significantly easier cleaning. Even in the rain, hunters always enjoy clear visibility.

The outstanding qualities of the two new binocular models with the 56 mm lens diameter preferred in central Europe include the recalculated high-performance optics from Carl Zeiss that feature outstanding clarity and contrast during the day and guarantee excellent performance in the last light of the day. Additionally, there is a digital laser rangefinder with a range of 1200 meters (1300 yards) and a very innovative ballistic calculator. The possibility of retaining the familiar 100 m zeroing range or most favorable zeroing range is particularly practical and convenient. The extremely easy and fast operation makes these models particularly practical and enables them to quickly become the most important binoculars for many situations.

The two new models will be available from specialized dealers beginning in August 2009.

These binoculars come with a neoprene carrying strap, a high-quality cordura bag, a lens cap, eyepiece cap and a battery.

Mono 3x12 B: 522012
Adapter for mono 3x12 B: 528377
Binofix binocular mount: 528387
Air Cell comfort carrying strap: 529113

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