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Carl Zeiss Photoscope 85 T FL

for Diascope teleskop

Pris: 54889
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 dagers leveringstid
Det nye Carl Zeiss PhotoScope 85 T* FL er verdens første feltteleskop med 15-45x zoomokular og fullt integrert 7 megapixels digitalt kamera som tillater samtidig observasjon og fotografering.
Carl Zeiss Photoscope 85 T FL
Forlag/produsentCarl Zeiss
Vekt i gram2990
Lengde mm438
Forstørrelse15 - 45x zoom
Synsfelt v/ 1000m80 - 27m (15 - 45x)

Med det nye Carl Zeiss PhotoScope kan du dokumentere og kontrollere alt du ser!

Takket være den kraftige teleskopoptikken, er det mulig å få unike synsopplevelser som med et enkelt knappetrykk kan bli til fotografier.

Bildene velges direkte i det knivskarpe bildet du ser i okularet. Stor utfoldbar skjerm gjør kontroll av bildet før og etter fotografering enkelt. Samtidig fungerer skjermen som infosenter for kamerafunksjoner. Trådløs utløserkontroll sikrer vibrasjonsfritt avtrekk.
  • Brennvidde 600-1800mm

  • Blender f2,4 - f3,3

  •  ISO 50-800


Presentasjon fra Carl Zeiss

The complete integration of premium observation optics and a high-power digital camera with a super tele lens in one housing led to the creation of a new class of instruments providing observation and outdoor photography with more than the sum of individual components. The PhotoScope™ brand name also stands for a new way of dealing with the environment and nature: scenes can be photographed from the distance and observed in great detail without interfering with them.

When looking through the eyepiece – suitable for spectacle wearers - observers receive a crystal-clear image at a magnification range of 15 to 45x. The subjective viewing angle of 68° (80m/1000m) at magnification 15x is unique and unparalleled. Unlike standard zoom solutions in the eyepiece, the special objective lens design has enabled a unique wide-angle system over the entire magnification range. The field of view is up to 40% larger than that of traditional spotting scopes!

The PhotoScope provides excellent features for immediate photographic documentation: a fast zoom lens with a focal length range from 600 mm to 1800 mm (based on 35 mm format) and an outstanding nominal aperture ratio of 1:2.4 to 1:3.3.

The starting point of the new system is the complex, newly computed lens with triple zoom setting and FL elements for bright, crisp and high-contrast images. A beam splitter makes this brilliant image available for both visual observation through the eyepiece and digital photography.

Unlike SLR cameras with a hinged mirror, the beam splitter projects the image to the low-noise 7 megapixel sensor without any noise and, above all, without any vibration. The camera is triggered by an electronic remote-control. This avoids blur caused by camera shake which is always a problem with such extreme focal lengths.

Numerous manual setting options are available to the photographer, e.g. manually entering a color temperature for a specific white balance, ISO values above 50 ASA, spot measurement, bracketing function, exposure series and exposure control using a histogram. Furthermore, many additional features have been implemented into this new concept that also offer advanced camera users maximum freedom and creativity.

With the new PhotoScope 85 T* FL, Carl Zeiss provides not only birdwatchers and nature photographers with a new technology that is unique on the global market. The combination of photography and observation is a new high-end solution that offers uncompromising quality and ease of use.

The PhotoScope enables the simultaneous observation and capture of faraway or small objects and processes, thus opening up entirely new user experiences.

85 T* FL
Entrance Pupil
max. 85mm
Field of View (1000 ft.)
240-81 ft.
Close Focusing Distance
Approx. 16.5 ft.
< 18in.
Approx. 6.5 lbs.
Image Sensor
7mpx CCD
Focal Length (corresponds to 35mm)
Largest Aperture (nominal)
2.4 at 15x, 3.3 at 45x
Shutter Speeds
File Format
Power Supply
7.4 V Lithium-ion Battery
USB 2.0,
External Power
Storage Medium
SD Card

Note: The technical data is preliminary and can still be changed before the market launch in early 2010.

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