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Manfrotto Bordsstativ Pixi


Pris: 269
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Tilgjengelighet: 4-7 dagers leveringstid
Manfrotto PIXI er et perfekt ministativ for kompakte systemer.
Manfrotto Bordsstativ Pixi
Max / min høyde13.5/13.5 cm
Vekt i gram190
Høyde sammenslått (cm)18,5
Max lastekapasitet (kg)1

Erstatter MTT2-P02

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Produsentens omtale om produktet
The Manfrotto PIXI is the perfect mini tripod for Compact System Cameras (CSC). It has been designed to satisfy the needs of those consumers that are looking for a support that is lightweight, portable and easy to use.

The PIXI is great for achieving hard to get video shots while keeping your camera steady. Close the legs to use it as a comfortable grip to capture great videos that stand out from the crowd.

The new push-button mechanism enables you to position and lock the ball head in one rapid, intuitive movement. Pushing the button releases the ball joint to move freely. When the button is released, the ball is locked automatically in the selected position.

PIXI has a minimal Italian style and is manufactured from stainless steel and Adapto for high quality and a tactile finish. With this solid construction, it provides a secure base in every situation and the rubber feet guarantee a stable and slip-free purchase on any surface.

DSLR Compatibility
Thanks to the universal ¼” screw thread and the excellent stability, PIXI can be used with a huge variety of digital devices; the iPhone® (with KLYP), compact cameras, CSC’s and even entry level DSLR’s.

PIXI has been developed for entry level DSLRs fitting these basic requirements:
  • Body: maximum weight of 650g/1.4lbs
  • Focal length: maximum 85mm (standard non-professional lens)
  • Total equipment payload: maximum 1kg/2.2lbs
    Please consider that any semi-professional and professional equipment exceeds these requirements.

    To preserve and protect PIXI’s finishing and its original colour we recommend cleaning it with a standard white pencil eraser. Special products or water could damage the finishing.

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