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Gitzo 3750 Panorama hode

GS3750D disc

Pris: 2999
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Tilgjengelighet: 4-7 dagers leveringstid
Panoreringshode som festet direkte på søyle aller basis av de fleste fotostativer.
Gitzo 3750 Panorama hode
Vekt i gram210
Høyde (cm)2,3cm
Max lastekapasitet (kg)12
Panorering360 grader

Finn mer info om produktet og produktserien på Gitzo sin hjemmeside:  

Gitzo panoramic discs represent a true step ahead in this category. Developed accordingly to the requests and inputs by professional photographers, they combine a number of innovative characteristics that make them a must have accessory. Panoramic discs are now available in two versions: GS3750D with 1/4'" screw attachment, and the newly released GS3750DQR with quick release attachment. This QR attachment is compatible with all C profile Gitzo plates and when used together with the GS5160CDT adapter, it is also compatible with "Arca Style" QR plates. Unlike the other discs in the market made of machined aluminum, Gitzo discs are made of cast magnesium that allows for a design optimisation that maximises ergonomics and minimises weight. The disc features an extremely low profile and a wide rotating base, extremely

smooth and stable. Thanks to this smoothness it can also be an ideal panning base for additional shooting precision when combined to other heads, especially with the Gitzo Systematic head GH5380S in wild life and sport photography. A very important plus for this disc is the unique graduated ring. It rotates independently and it can be repositioned at any time, in order to start your panning always from your desired point, with no need to reposition camera or tripod. Other interesting features are a leveling bubble and, on the bottom, two integrated 1/4" to 3/8" screw adapters. The disc incorporates a locking screw to securely lock it onto a disc or a tripod column. The disc is also designed to be directly fitted on Gitzo tripod columns and to replace the standard tripod disc. This allows to simplify the system, by reducing weight, components and complexity. The disc comes with a smart Gitzo display cleaner and an anti dust bag for storage and packing.

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