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Feisol Tournament CT-3342 Tripod (Rapid)

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Pris: 4886
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Tilgjengelighet: 1 på lager
Feisols mest aktuelle teleskopstativ, gjerne i kombinasjon med videohode VH-40.
Feisol Tournament CT-3342 Tripod (Rapid)
Vekt i gram1000
Max / min høyde (cm)142 / 18
Høyde sammenslått (cm)59
Max lastekapasitet (kg)10
Antall seksjoner3
Søyleuten søyle

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Produsentens omtale:

The body frame CT-3342/3442 is constructed of 7075 Aluminum alloy metal used in aerospace industry, and precisely milled into shape. In addition, the carbon fiber legs are made of tournament class carbon fiber material. With such outstanding building materials, CT-3342/CT-3442 tripods are super light and super sturdy. All other tripods in the market of the same class simply cannot compete. The picture shows semi-finished CT-3342/CT-3442. The parts quality are built to the slightest detail, and a precision that no other mass produced tripods can match. This tripod series can install general mount base, center column, or 75mm semi-sphere leveling base. They can even be reverse upward folded to hold a CB-50D ballhead within 3 legs. We also make stainless steel spikes available for this tripod series.

   The main feature of this tripod series is "Sturdiness". All leg tube sections are designed to have the largest cross-section diameter possible to form a very strong and steady structure; In order to achieve this result, we have decided not to apply anti-leg rotation mechanism to the leg tubes. CT-3342 has a maximum leg tube diameter of 28mm, and a diameter of 22mm on its' end leg section (3rd section); CT-3442 has a maximum leg tube diameter of 28mm, and a diameter of 19mm on its' end leg section (4th section). Not only each leg section diameter is larger, we also use a higher strength carbon fiber material to produce the new leg tubes. We believe that our new tripod series will have the maximum strength available, far surpassing all other tripods in the same class.

7075 aluminum alloy is a high strength standardized aluminum alloy material. It costs at least 3 times more than the regular aluminum alloy. Only parts with special weight and strength requirements will use this material, and usually used in aerospace industry.

Carbon fiber materials are also classified as aluminum alloys do. Most of the carbon fiber goods are made of the common carbon fiber raw materials. However, during competitions which call for better performance, such as bicycle/car races, regular carbon fiber material performance is insufficient. For different kinds of strength needs, different grades of specialized carbon fiber materials have been developed. The more the strength there is, the higher the material will cost. The specialized carbon fiber material we use in the new CT-3342/CT-3442 tournament grade tripod has a super high strength than the regular carbon fiber materials used in the market, but under the same weight.

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