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Buteo Beanbag 3, flat

Pris: 249
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Tilgjengelighet: 4-7 dagers leveringstid
Flat bean bag med sadelform og bærebelte. Kamuflasjemønster med borrelås-åpninger, uten fyll. Fylles med tørre erter, ris eller mais. Gir godt anlegg for kamera, og kan delvis erstatte et stativ.
Buteo Beanbag 3, flat
Forlag/produsentButeo Photo Gear
Materialepolyester camouflage print
Mål32.5 cm x 32 cm (WxL)
Vekt i gram80

Buteo Beanbag 3, flat
Buteo Beanbag 3, flat
Buteo Beanbag 3, flat
Buteo Beanbag 3, flat

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Beanbag 3, flat

Are you looking for a perfect support object for your equipment to make vibration-free images?

In this case our beanbag type 3, the flat beanbag, is the simplest and most practical beanbag that exists.

The beanbag is provided with an good zipper that will make the filling and emptying easier.

It Is the solution for making sharp recordings from mammals, birds and other designs.

You can use it as support object for your camera as contra weight at the bottom from you stative.

Also useable to put on the top of your camera/lens combination to silence that vibrations.

The beanbag is on the top side provided with our homemade camouflage pattern and has on the bottom a powerful black substance that you can put on any surfaces and it can be dirty. (easily to clean).

The beanbag is fillable with different materials like beans, kernels, peas and others organic materials.

But we recommend the plastic fillings consisting of EPS and granules (to be ordered separately). The plastic filling won’t rot and is useable for a longer period.

EPS grains are very light from weight, but they give a nice stability. Granules are heavier, in this way you are getting even more stability. Adapt the filling on your strength and length from the photo trip so you are always prepared to go on a trip and make images that you’ve in mind.

Beanbags are useable for multiple surfaces: on the ground, on or in trees, fences, stumps etc. but also in an open window from your car or hiding tent or shelter.

So in short, this is the ideal supporting object for every nature-photographer.

Substance on the top: polyester camouflage print
Substance: bottom
Weight: 80 gram
Format: 32.5 cm x 32 cm (WxL)

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