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Ynglekasse for solitære bier

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I tillegg til de mer kjente honningbiene finnes det en rekke mindre kjente villbier som lever solitært. De legger ett og ett egg uten noe bisamfunn, men artene er også viktige for biomangfold og blomsterpollinering. Denne kassen kan huse mange slike bier.
Ynglekasse for solitære bier
Forlag/produsentWildlife World

Boksen er laget av bambus og risplantefibre og er fullt nedbrytbar. Kassen er artig å følge med på etter hvert som biene bygger reirganger med lokk.

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The Kinsman Giant Bee Nester has a carcass made from rice husk and bamboo and has no plastic in its construction. It offers an extensive collection of nesting tubes (63) and is specifically designed for solitary bees including Mason Bees and Leafcutter Bees. The product provides up to 360 potential bee cells.

The nester can be fixed with a drainage pipe clamp or doubled rope against a wall fence or tree. However when fixing, it should be securely attached to ensure movement is minimised.

Siting: Fix in a visible warm place sheltered from rain, ideally orientated to face between southeast and south and to catch some sun. Height should be between 1- 2 metres high, (max 3 metres) and it is helpful to have soil nearby to assist the bees in cell production, and food sources such as flowers, orchards and fruit.

Once bees start using the nester they will lay their eggs deep in the cardboard tubes, creating individual cells as they continue this process outwards. Later you will begin to see the ends of the cardboard tubes slowly being capped with either mud (mason bees) or small circular sections of leaf (leafcutter bees) as the bees seal off the ends of the tubes.

After this stage it is important to monitor the nester and look out for potential woodpecker damage (they will peck out the ends of the tubes eating the developing grubs inside). Later in the autumn this can be prevented by covering the front of the nester with a wire mesh (approximately 8mm grid) ensuring you leave around 3cm clearance from the tubes.

In Late autumn/early winter when cold or frosty weather prevails it is best to move the nester to an outhouse or similar to protect the developing bees, before returning the product to the garden ready for early spring when the risk of frost has passed.

Once used, you should see occupation and use of the nester increase every year.


  • Environmentally friendly construction (no plastic)
  • Offers up to 360 potential bee cells
  • Easy to install and/or move
  • Low maintenance

Important Information: These products are for wild creatures and as such, you should not expect immediate habitation. We suggest you carefully read the supplied instructions for siting and provide this product in a suitable habitat for the target species. The product can then be re-visited 6 - 12 months later, or in the appropriate season, to see if it is being used.

If after 24 months the product has not been used, it may be worth choosing an alternative location to site it and/or look to see what improvements you can make to provide a suitable environment for your target species (flowers, woodpiles, rough areas of garden etc)

Because many species of creature are constantly seeking refuge and safe nesting sites, you may find that an unexpected species is using your product - this is part of nature and all species should be welcomed as part of your wildlife garden.

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