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Tilgjengelighet: 10+ på lager
Insekthotellet "The Big Insect Biom" er et vakkert bie og småkryp hotell som vil se fantastisk i hagen din, både praktisk og estetisk tiltalende. Huset gir beskyttelse og overvintringsmuligheter og skaper habitater som ofte mangler i velfriserte hager.
Forlag/produsentWildlife World
StørrelseH 650mm W 270mm L 155mm
Vekt i gram3000

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The Big Insect Biome is a beautiful bee and bug hotel that will look amazing in your garden. It is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It consists of

  • Multi-insect dormitory at the top which provides shelter and habitat for solitary bees, ladybirds, lacewings, spiders and beetles
  • Perspex pull-out out inspection tubes
  • A swirl of drilled insect refuge holes
  • Central over-wintering area with perspex viewing panels
  • Pine cone filled refuge area
  • Litter critter zone
  • Nectar Feeding terrace
The Big Insect Biome comes in its illustrative box which gives details on what kind of creatures you may find in each different area.

As with all our products the Big Insect Biome is made from naturally durable FSC timber from well managed forests, so you know that another environment has not been damaged in bringing you this wooden habitat. The habitat does not need any chemical treatments because of the naturally seasoned durable timber used. We have added some touches of colour on the roof and butterfly terrace in a water-based paint which will not harm any insects.

To help the conservation of these species please support the International Bee Research Association - IBRA WEBSITE .


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