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Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Western North America      Ny utgave 

4. Rev utgave

Pris: 245
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
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Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Western North America
Forlag/produsentHoughton Mifflin
ForfatterPeterson, R.T.
Antall sider512s
Fotos - illustrasjoner176 f-pl, 558 kart,
InnbindingMyk perm

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With all-new range maps, updated text, and 40 new paintings, the completely revised editions of two classic Peterson Field Guides are sure to be valuable additions to any birder's pocket or daypack. At a trim size of 5 x 8, they are portable but also beautifully illustrated. Photographs, while modern looking and colorful, capture just one moment in time. The paintings in these guides, however, show all of a bird's key field marks and use the Peterson Identification System to make bird identification easier for beginning and intermediate bird watchers.
A team of professional birders has updated the text, the maps, and the art for these authoritative guides. Expert birders also created 35 entertaining and easy-to-use video podcasts, which are available to download. They make fun and educational viewing on a computer desktop or MP3 player.
Last updated in 1990, the Peterson Field Guide to Western Birds covers nearly 600 species on 176 color plates, with 588 comprehensive range maps, now included with the illustrations. Every bird watcher in western North America will want to own this long-awaited, up-to-date fourth edition.

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