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Travellers' Wildlife Guide: Peru

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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Denne serien kombinerer naturlokalitetsguide og felthåndbok for aktuelle planter og dyr i det området boken omhandler.
Travellers' Wildlife Guide: Peru
Forlag/produsentArris Publishing
ForfatterPearson & Beletsky
Antall sider492s
Fotos - illustrasjonerf-pl., fotos, strektegn, kart.

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From the world-famous Machu Picchu Incan ruins high in the Andes Mountains, to Lake Titicaca in southern Perú, and the Iquitos area of
Amazonian northeastern Perú, ecotravellers want to experience tropical forests and other stunning habitats and catch glimpses of exotic wildlife. In
this book is all the information you need to find, identify, and learn about Peru's magnificent animal and plant life. Full colour illustrations of more than 500 of peru's most common insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals make this an indispensable guide. 

A constant companion for travellers 
* Identifying and location information on the most frequently seen animals 
* Up-to-date information on the ecology, behaviour, and conservation of the animals 
* Information on peru's habitats and on the most common plants you will encounter 
* Brief descriptions of peru's most frequently visited parks and reserves. 


Ecotravellers' Wildlife Guides have been hailed an "excellent series" by Birding World and an "inspired new concept in the field-guide genre" by
Birding magazine.

Praise for Costa Rica 
"The illustrations are superb, the text simple and direct ... if you go, take this book" Bird Praise for Mexico 
" I would not want to visit this region without this book in my backpack. Very strongly recommended." Birdwatching

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