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Amazing Arctic

Pris: 349
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Tilgjengelighet: 5 på lager
Amazing Arctic er en fakta / bilde bok om dyr og fugler på Svalbard. Tekstene er korte, og kun den mest overraskende kunnskapen er tatt med i form av såkalte "fun facts". Boka er på engelsk.
Amazing Arctic
ForfatterGrønningsæter, E.
Antall sider224

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Fra produsentens egen omtale:

The many fun and amazing facts, accompanied with beautiful imagery collected through more than 15 years working in the Arctic makes this book into a delightful combination of both a learning and artistic experience. The texts are not extensive reads. The author, with help of renowned top scientists within their field, has just picked the most unique and impressive facts about the wildlife inhabiting Svalbard. This interesting knowledge is accompanied with the photographer’s unique ability to capture the souls of these animals in pictures. For this reason, this is a book that suits just as well as a travel companion to this unique part of the world, as a nice memory from a visit to a very special place or as a book for those in need to increase their knowledge about Arctic wildlife. The design makes this book suitable for every age group. The author is an internationally awarded wildlife photographer, and work today as a wildlife guide to polar destinations as well as being involved in various scientific projects.

By purchasing this book you will support conservation. As it is estimated that about 25 million birds are killed illegally in the Mediterranean area each year - 15% of the income from sales of this book will og to support CABS (The Committee Against Bird Slaughter) – an idealistic organization that has shown good results fighting this crime.

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