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Nordic Lichen Flora

Vol 2 - Physciaceae

Pris: 348
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Tilgjengelighet: 2 på lager
Andre bind i den en nye nordiske lavfloraen foreligger. Den er skrevet av Roland Moberg som hovedforfatter og omfatter familien Physciaceae med slekter som Buellia, Physcia og Phaeophyscia. 125 arter.
Nordic Lichen Flora
Forlag/produsentSvensk Botanisk Förening
ForfatterAhti mfl
Antall sider115
Fotos - illustrasjonerFargeplansjer, kart.

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The lichen flora of the Nordic countries has been regarded as one of the best known in the world, containing about 2000 species. The lichenological research of the region has been going on continuosly since the days of the father of lichenology, the Swede Erik Acharius (1757-1819). It has, however, been a painful and awkward fact that there is no modern flora treatment of the region, the last attempt being that of Th. M. Fries in 1870-ies, a work (Lichenographia scandinavica) that was left unfinished.

A number of Nordic lichenologists have united forces to produce such a work, and now in the last year of our millenium proudly present the first volume, comprising the ecologically inportant group Calicoid lichens and fungi. This group contains many environmentally important indicator species, which now hopefully will be esier to recognize. We hope to succeed better than Fries, and to produce subsequent volumes with annual or biennial intervals, as the texts become available from the authors.

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