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A Birding Tourist's Guide to Majorca

3 ed

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Lokalitetsguide til fuglelivet i Mallorca. Beskriver 17 hovedlokaliteter og 26 turforslag. Detaljert informasjon om 240 av øyas arter og deres lokale opptreden tidsmessig og hvor de opptrer.
Forlag/produsentLokalt forlag
ForfatterRebassa, Manchado, Martínez, Torrens & Oriola
Antall sider128s
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A Birding Tourist's Guide to Majorca, produced by local experts, goes a long way towards plugging a current hole because it provides the ever growing band of birdwatching enthusiasts - not just holiday-makers from Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, Holland and elsewhere but also local birders and those from mainland Spain - with guidance on how to make the most of their birdwatching in Majorca. Written to a rigorous standard of accuracy, the Guide details what birds can be seen on the island and the best localities in which to seek them out. In short, the Guide:

•consists of 128 pages, measuring 17 x 25 cm, and in full colour throughout;

•describes 17 sites and 26 itineraries through all the habitats the isle has to offer (sea cliffs, dunes, beaches, wetlands, saltmarsh and saltpans, arable and fruit tree plantations, pine woods, garrigue, oak woodland and the reservoirs, grasslands, rocky outcrops, crags and peaks of the mountains);

•presents detailed information on more than 240 species of bird (their local status, when they occur, their levels of abundance, the best sites in which to see them, supporting details on behaviour, etc.), which is further summarised in a series of check-lists;

•includes high quality photographs of over 80 species, illustrating the most notable, spectacular and sought after birds by overseas birdwatchers, with special attention paid to the endemics and species of high conservation importance - in addition, each site description is accompanied by a photograph giving a flavour of the landscape and vegetation;

•incorporates a clear, easy to follow map for each itinerary, backed up by GPS coordinates of the start point, and tables indicating the most emblematic and typical species to be found at each locality;

•discusses the endemic species and subspecies and their evolutionary significance;

•advises on the "does and don'ts" of any visit by means of a code of conduct for birdwatchers during their stay in Majorca;

•offers additional tourism information for each of the sites selected (tourist information offices, recommendations, points of interest, contact numbers and addresses for organisations providing necessary or useful services, facilities or help, etc.). Authors: Maties Rebassa, Josep Manchado, José Luis Martínez, Sebastià Torrens i Mª Carmen Oriola

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